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Tully, John (2016) The Silvertown strike: A partisan history. Monthly Review, 67 (8). 36 - 43. ISSN 0027-0520

Tully, John (2015) Book Review: Sheila Cohen, Notoriously Militant: The Story of a Union Branch (London: Merlin Press, 2013). pp. 225. AU $42.95 paper. Labour History (108). 207 - 208. ISSN 0023-6942

Tully, John (2012) 'Nothing but Rebels': Union sisters at the Sydney rubber works, 1918-42. Labour History, 103 (1). 59 - 82. ISSN 0023-6942

Tully, John (2010) Book review: Joel Wolfe, Autos and Progress: The Brazilian Search for Modernity, Oxford University Press, New York, 2010. pp x + 269. US $21.95 paper. Labour History: a journal of labour and social history (99). 267 - 268. ISSN 0023-6942

Tully, John (2009) A Victorian Ecological Disaster: Imperialism, the Telegraph and Gutta-Percha. Journal of World History, 20 (4). pp. 559-579. ISSN 1045-6007

Tully, John (2008) Book Review: Robin Archer, Why is There No Labor Party in the United States? Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2007. pp. xv + 348. US $35.00 cloth. Labour History (95). 252 - 254. ISSN 0023-6942

Dewberry, T and Tully, John (2000) The one-sided class war. Overland (161). 21 - 24. ISSN 0030-7416

Book Section

Tully, John (2018) Cambodia in the nineteenth century: Out of the Siamese frying pan and into the French fire? In: Cambodia and the West, 1500-2000. Smith, TO, ed. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 37-63.


Tully, John (2015) Crooked Deals and Broken Treaties : How American Indians Were Displaced by White Settlers in the Cuyahoga Valley. Monthly Review Press, New York.

Tully, John (2015) Robbed of Every Blessing. Hybrid Publishers, Melbourne, Victoria.

Tully, John (2011) The Devil's Milk: a Social History of Rubber. Monthly Reveiw Press, New York.

Tully, John (2006) A Short History of Cambodia: From Empire to Survival. Short history of Asia . Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, N.S.W..

Tully, John (2003) France on the Mekong: a history of the Protectorate in Cambodia, 1863-1953. University Press of America, Lanham, MD.