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Akiyama, Toru and Choong, Peter F. M and Dass, Crispin R (2010) RANK-Fc inhibits malignancy via inhibiting ERK activation and evoking caspase-3-mediated anoikis in human osteosarcoma cells. Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, 27 (4). pp. 207-215. ISSN 0262-0898

Akiyama, Toru and Dass, Crispin R and Shinoda, Y and Kawano, H and Tanaka, S and Choong, Peter F. M (2010) Systemic RANK-Fc protein therapy is efficacious against primary osteosarcoma growth in a murine model via activity against osteoclasts. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 62 (4). pp. 470-476. ISSN 0022-3573

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Chai, RC and Vieusseux, JL and Lang, BJ and Nguyen, CH and Kouspou, MM and Britt, KL and Price, John (2017) Histone deacetylase activity mediates acquired resistance towards structurally diverse HSP90 inhibitors. Molecular Oncology, 11 (5). 567 - 583. ISSN 1574-7891

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Impey, SG and Smith, D and Robinson, AL and Owens, DJ and Bartlett, Jonathan and Smith, K and Limb, M and Tang, J and Fraser, WD and Close, GL and Morton, JP (2015) Leucine-enriched protein feeding does not impair exercise-induced free fatty acid availability and lipid oxidation: Beneficial implications for training in carbohydrate-restricted states. Amino Acids, 47 (2). 407 - 416. ISSN 0939-4451

Kruzliak, P and Hare, DL and Zvonicek, V and Klimas, J and Zulli, Anthony (2015) Simvastatin impairs the induction of pulmonary fibrosis caused by a western style diet: A preliminary study. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 19 (11). 2647 - 2654. ISSN 1582-1838

Li, Rong and Doherty, Judy and Antonipillai, Juliana and Chen, Sheng and Devlin, Mark and Visser, Kathryn and Baell, Jonathan and Street, Ian and Anderson, Robin L and Bernard, Ora (2012) LIM kinase inhibition reduces breast cancer growth and invasiveness but systemic inhibition does not reduce metastasis in mice. Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, 30 (4). pp. 483-495. ISSN 0262-0898 (print) 1573-7276 (online)

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Zirlik, Andreas and Maier, Christoph and Gerdes, Norbert and MacFarlane, Lindsey and Soosairajah, Juliana and Bavendiek, Udo and Ahrens, Ingo and Ernst, Sandra and Bassler, Nicole and Missiou, Anna and Patko, Zsofia and Aikawa, Masanori and Schonbeck, Uwe and Libby, Peter and Peter, Karlheinz (2007) Mac-1 Mediates CD40L-induced Atherogenesis. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biology, 27 (6). ISSN 1079-5642 (print) 1524-4636 (online)

Zirlik, Andreas and Maier, Christoph and Gerdes, Norbert and MacFarlane, Lindsey and Soosairajah, Juliana and Bavendiek, Udo and Ahrens, Ingo and Ernst, Sandra and Bassler, Nicole and Missiou, Anna and Patko, Zsofia and Aikawa, Masanori and Schönbeck, Uwe and Bode, Christoph and Libby, Peter and Peter, Karlheinz (2007) CD40 Ligand Mediates Inflammation Independently of CD40 by Interaction With Mac-1. Circulation. pp. 1571-1580. ISSN 0009-7322 (print) 1524-4539 (online)


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