Volume 30, Issue 5, October 2023, Pages 708-714

Research paper
Implementation of a structured revision program and the impact on final-year undergraduate nursing students’ preparedness for clinical placement: Mixed methods study

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The effects of a revision program on undergraduate nursing students’ preparedness for their final clinical placement leading to their graduate year are unknown.


To explore students’ perceptions of confidence, anxiety, self-doubt, and preparedness for a high-acuity clinical placement following a three-day structured revision program.


This was a mixed methods study conducted in the final year of the undergraduate nursing degree. Data were collected by survey using a self-developed 10-item instrument with three components of confidence, inhibitors (self-doubt/anxiety), and preparedness (n = 75) and by semi-structured individual interviews and focus group (7 students in total). Independent sample t-tests were used to compare data between components’ scores and demographic characteristics. Interview data were analysed using thematic analysis.


Students who attended the revision program had significantly higher scores for confidence, inhibitors, and preparation. Higher scores in one or more components were associated with enrolment in the Bachelor of Nursing (BN) versus the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery, enrolment in the accelerated pathway of the BN, older age, and previous healthcare experience. Four themes emerged from the qualitative data: anticipatory concerns, confidence, preparedness, and striving to belong.


The findings have potential implications for adverse learning outcomes and poor student performance because of negative behaviours, lack of preparedness, and belongingness. There is a need to structure curricula, implement instructional support for students with anxiety and self-doubt, and faculty to align pedagogy to best educational practices with student attendance at structured revision sessions before each clinical placement.


Undergraduate nursing
Preparedness for practice
Deliberate practice
Mixed method

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