Dhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy

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Book Section

Caruana, Godwin and Darbyshire, Paul (2008) A Distributed Anti-Spam Architecture using Plug-ins. In: Engaging academia and enterprise agendas. Dhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy, ed. Information Institute, Washington, pp. 1-14.

Bingley, Scott and Burgess, Stephen (2008) A Framework for the Adoption of the Internet in Local Sporting Bodies in Australia: A Diffusion Approach. In: Proceedings of the 7th annual ISOneWorld Conference, "Challenges in Information Exchange" June 2-4. Dhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy, ed. The Information Institute, Washington, DC.

Hawking, Paul and Stein, Andrew (2004) Portals: the next evolution in e-HR: an Australian case study. In: Information systems: exploring applications in business and government. Hunter, Gordon and Dhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy, eds. Information Institute, Washington D.C., pp. 21-38.

Burgess, Stephen and Trethowan, Pamela (2003) Usage of the Internet in Australia by General Practitioners. In: Information Systems : The Challenge of Theory and Practice. Hunter, M. Gordon and Dhanda, Kanwalroop Kathy, eds. The Information Institute, pp. 120-136.