Doh, Jeung-Hwan

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Doh, Jeung-Hwan, Yoo, Tae-Min, Miller, Dane, Guan, Hong and Fragomeni, Sam (2012) Investigation into the behaviour of deep beam with web openings by finite element. Computers and Concrete, 10 (6). pp. 609-630. ISSN 1598-8198

Fragomeni, Sam, Doh, Jeung-Hwan and Lee, Dong-Jun (2012) Behavior of axially Loaded Concrete Wall Panels with Openings: An Experimental Study. Advances in Structural Engineering, 15 (8). pp. 1345-1358. ISSN 1369-4332

Doh, Jeung-Hwan, Yoo, Tae-Min, Guan, Hong and Fragomeni, Sam (2011) Experimental behaviour of high-strength concrete deep beams with web openings. The structural design of tall and special buildings. ISSN 1541-7808

Fragomeni, Sam and Doh, Jeung-Hwan (2010) Evaluation of the simplified concrete wall design equation in AS3600-2009. Australian Journal of Structural Engineering, 10 (3). pp. 253-261. ISSN 1328-7982

Book Section

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