Judson, Ellis

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Judson, Ellis, Bell, S, Bulkeley, H, Powells, G, Capova, KA and Lynch, D (2015) Sociality and electricity in the United Kingdom: The influence of household dynamics on everyday consumption. Energy Research & Social Science, 9. 98 - 106. ISSN 2214-6296

Powells, G, Bell, S, Judson, Ellis, Lyon, SM, Wardle, R, Capova, KA and Bulkeley, H (2015) Fostering active network management through SMEs practices. Energy Efficiency, 9 (3). 591 - 604. ISSN 1570-646X

Judson, Ellis, Bell, S, Bulkeley, H, Powells, G and Lyon, S (2015) The co-construction of energy provision and everyday practice: Integrating heat pumps in social housing in England. Science and Technology Studies, 28 (3). 26 - 53. ISSN 2243-4690

Powells, G, Bulkeley, H, Bell, S and Judson, Ellis (2014) Peak electricity demand and the flexibility of everyday life. Geoforum, 55. 43 - 52. ISSN 0016-7185

Judson, Ellis and Maller, C (2014) Housing renovations and energy efficiency: insights from homeowners’ practices. Building Research and Information, 42 (4). 501 - 511. ISSN 0961-3218

Judson, Ellis, Iyer-Raniga, U and Horne, R (2014) Greening heritage dwellings: understanding homeowners’ renovation practices in Australia. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 29 (1). 61 - 78. ISSN 1566-4910

Judson, Ellis (2012) Reconciling environmental performance and heritage significance. Historic Environment, 24 (2). 19 - 24. ISSN 0726-6715

Book Section

Trundle, A, Judson, Ellis, Horne, R and Fien, J (2016) Urban resilience for sustainability. In: Sustainability Citizenship in Cities : Theory and Practice. Horne, R, Fien, J, Beza, BB and Nelson, Anitra, eds. Advances in urban sustainability series . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, England, pp. 29-39.