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Law, Alexandra ORCID: 0000-0002-1246-1301, Pyke, Joanne ORCID: 0000-0002-0137-937X, De Lacy, Terry and McGrath, G Michael (2022) Towards a community sensitivity index for tourism investment: a case study of regional Australia. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 50. pp. 412-420. ISSN 1447-6770

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Book Section

DeLacy, Terry, Lipman, Geoffrey and Law, Alexandra (2014) A 2050 Green Growth Roadmap for Bali Tourism. In: Green Growth and Travelism: Concept, Policy and Practice for Sustainable tourism. DeLacy, Terry, Jiang, M, Lipman, G and Vorster, S, eds. Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility . Routledge, New York, pp. 207-224.

Klint, Louise Munk, Jiang, Min, Law, Alexandra, Calgaro, Emma and DeLacy, Terry (2011) Climate change and dive tourism: Understanding the vulnerability of Luganville's dive tourism system to climate change. In: CAUTHE 2011 National Conference: Tourism : Creating a Brilliant Blend. Gross, Michael J, ed. University of South Australia School of Management, Adelaide, S. A., pp. 1151-1157.

Conference or Workshop Item

Law, Alexandra and DeLacy, Terry (2015) Green economy indicators for water efficiency in tourism destinations. In: CAUTHE 2015 - Rising tides and sea hanges : adaption and innovation in tourism and hospitality, 02 February 2015-05 February 2015, Gold Coast, Autralia.

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Law, Alexandra, McGrath, Michael and DeLacy, Terry (2012) A 'Green Economy Tourism System' (GETS): Architecture and Usage. In: 19th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Travel and Tourism, 25 January 2012-27 January 2012, Helsingborg, Sweden.

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Law, Alexandra, DeLacy, Terry, McGrath, Michael and hitelaw, P (2011) Tourism Destinations in the Emerging Green Economy: Towards Blending in Brilliantly. In: CAUTHE 2011 – 21st CAUTHE Conference, 8 February 2011 – 11 February 2011, Adelaide, SA.


Van der Veeken, Susan, Calgaro, Emma, Jiang, Min, Law, Alexandra, Klint, Louise Munk and DeLacy, Terry (2012) Vulnerability adaptation resilience tourism sector assessment : Pacific Tourism Climate Adaptation Project : V/R assessment, Kingdom of Tonga. Technical Report. Victoria University, Centre for Tourism and Services Research, Melbourne, Victoria.

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