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Book Section

Cuthbert, Denise and Spark, Ceridwen (2009) Other People's Children : Informing Debate on Adoption in Australia. In: Other People's Children : Adoption in Australia. Cuthbert, Denise and Spark, Ceridwen, eds. Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne.

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Cuthbert, Denise, Spark, Ceridwen, Arunachalam, Dharma and Healy, Earnest (2010) Tertiary Education in an International development context : a review of research literature and analysis of data on international student flows, for the purpose of providing a framework against which the ANAO can assess the effectiveness of AusAID's management of aid for tertiary education : final report for the Australian National Audit Office. Project Report. Australian National Audit Office. (Submitted)

Spark, Ceridwen (2010) African-Background Women's Involvement In a Sewing Enterprise: exploring the emerging cross-cultural partnership with Green Collect and identifying the next stages of this collaboration. Project Report. Author, Melbourne. (Unpublished)