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Joham, AE, Teede, HJ, Cassar, Samantha, Stepto, Nigel ORCID: 0000-0002-0875-6836, Strauss, Boyd J, Harrison, CL, Boyle, J and de Courten, Barbora (2016) Vitamin D in polycystic ovary syndrome: Relationship to obesity and insulin resistance. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 60 (1). 110 - 118. ISSN 1613-4125

Cassar, Samantha, Teede, HJ, Moran, LJ, Joham, AE, Harrison, CL, Strauss, Boyd J and Stepto, Nigel ORCID: 0000-0002-0875-6836 (2014) Polycystic ovary syndrome and anti-Müllerian hormone: role of insulin resistance, androgens, obesity and gonadotrophins. Clinical Endocrinology, 81 (6). 899 - 906. ISSN 0300-0664

Joham, Anju E, Teede, Helena J, Hutchison, Samantha K, Stepto, Nigel, Harrison, Cheryce L, Strauss, Boyd J, Paul, Eldho and Watt, Matthew J (2012) Pigment epithelium-derived factor, insulin sensitivity, and adiposity in polycystic ovary syndrome: Impact of exercise training. Obesity: a Research Journal, 20 (12). pp. 2390-2396. ISSN 1930-7381

Hutchison, Samantha K, Teede, Helena J, Rachon, Dominik, Harrison, Cheryce L, Strauss, Boyd J and Stepto, Nigel (2012) Effect of Exercise Training on Insulin Sensitivity, Mitochondria and Computed Tomography Muscle Attenuation in Overweight Women With and Without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Diabetologia, 55 (5). pp. 1424-1434. ISSN 0012-186X (print), 1432-0428 (online)

Moran, Lisa J, Harrison, Cheryce L, Hutchison, Samantha K, Stepto, Nigel, Strauss, Boyd J and Teede, Helena J (2011) Exercise Decreases Anti-müllerian Hormone in Anovulatory Overweight Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Pilot Study. Hormone and Metabolic Research, 43 (13). pp. 977-979. ISSN 0018-5043

Cheung, Anne Lise Tang Fook, Walker, Karen Z, Wilcox, Gisela, Strauss, Boyd J, Ashton, JF and Stojanovska, Lily (2010) Calcium absorption in Australian osteopenic post-menopausal women: an acute comparative study of fortified soymilk to cows' milk. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 19 (2). pp. 243-249. ISSN 0964-7058

Hutchison, Samantha K, Stepto, Nigel, Harrison, Cheryce L, Moran, Lisa J, Strauss, Boyd J and Teede, Helena J (2010) Effects of Exercise on Insulin Resistance and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism , 96 (1). E48-E56. ISSN 0021-972X (print) 1945-7197 (online)