Suzuki, Katsuhiko

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Ross, Megan L, Halson, Shona L, Suzuki, Katsuhiko, Garnham, Andrew, Hawley, John A, Cameron-Smith, David and Peake, Jonathan M (2010) Cytokine Responses to Carbohydrate Ingestion During Recovery from Exercise-Induced Muscle Injury. Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research, 30 (5). pp. 329-337. ISSN 1079-9907

Suzuki, Katsuhiko, Peake, Jonathan, Nosaka, Kazunori, Okutsu, Mitsuharu, Abbiss, Chris R, Surriano, Rob, Bishop, David, Quod, Marc J, Lee, Hamilton, Martin, David T and Laursen, Paul B (2006) Changes in markers of muscle damage, inflammation and HSP70 after an Ironman triathlon race. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 98 (6). pp. 525-534. ISSN 1439-6319