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Tyler, Meagan and Fairbrother, P (2013) Bushfires are "men's business": The importance of gender and rural hegemonic masculinity. Journal of Rural Studies, 30. 110 - 119. ISSN 0743-0167

Fairbrother, P, Tyler, Meagan, Hart, A, Mees, B, Phillips, R, Stratford, J and Toh, K (2013) Creating "community"? Preparing for bushfire in rural victoria. Rural Sociology, 78 (2). 186 - 209. ISSN 0036-0112

Tyler, Meagan and Fairbrother, P (2013) Gender, masculinity and bushfire: Australia in an international context. Australian Journal of Emergency Management, 28 (2). 20 - 25. ISSN 1324-1540

Tyler, Meagan (2008) No Means Yes? Perpetuating Myths in the Sexological Construction of Women's Desire. Women & Therapy, 32 (1). pp. 40-50. ISSN 0270-3149 (print) 1541-0315 (online)

Tyler, Meagan (2008) Sex self-help books: hot secrets for great sex or promoting the sex of prostitution? Women's Studies International Forum, 31 (5). pp. 363-372. ISSN 0277-5395 (print) 1879-243X (online)


Tyler, Meagan (2011) Selling Sex Short : the Pornographic and Sexological Construstion of Women's Sexuality in the West. Cambridge Scholars, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Book Section

Tyler, Meagan (2012) Theorizing harm through the sex of prostitution. In: Prostitution, harm and gender inequality: Theory, research and policy. Coy, Maddy, ed. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, England, pp. 87-101.

Tyler, Meagan (2012) Production/Reproduction. In: Handbook on international political economy. Pettman, Ralph, ed. World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, pp. 303-324.

Tyler, Meagan (2011) Pornography as Sexual Authority: How Sex Therapy Promotes the Pornification of Sexuality. In: Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry. Reist, Melinda Tankard and Bray, Abigail, eds. Spinifex Press, North Melbourne, pp. 78-85.

Tyler, Meagan (2010) 'Now That's Pornography!' Violence and domination in Adult Video News. In: Everyday Pornography. Boyle, Karen, ed. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and New York, USA, pp. 50-62.

Tyler, Meagan (2010) The politics of pornography and pornographication in Australia. In: Australian Political Science Association Conference 2010. Australian Political Science Association, Richmond, Vic..

Conference or Workshop Item

Tyler, Meagan (2013) The Country Fire Authority as an 'Extremely Gendered Organisation'. In: The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference 2013, 25 November 2013-26 November 2013, Monash University, Melbourne.

Tyler, Meagan (2012) Recognising pornography as a form of prostitution: understanding harm. In: Australian political studies association (APSA), 24 September 2012, University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Tyler, Meagan (2012) Gender inequality and bushfire: putting Australia in international context. In: TASA annual conference 2012, 26 November 2012-29 November 2012, University of Queensland, Australia.