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de Young, Robert (2010) The Revolution will not be televised: The Poetry of Gil Scott Heron. [Audio]


Clark, Sherryl (2005) The Littlest Pirate and the Hammerheads. Aussie nibbles . Puffin, Camberwell, Vic..

Clark, Sherryl (2006) Scaredy Cat! ZigZags Pack 1 . Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic..

Clark, Sherryl (2005) Sir Talkalot and the Dragon. Reading corner, grade 2 . Franklin Watts, London.

Clark, Tom (2004) Oi : powemz bii Tom See. Cordite Press, Melbourne.

Petsinis, Tom (2006) Four Quarters: a collection of poems. Thompson Walker, North Melbourne, Vic.

Book Section

Duggan, Jo-Anne (2009) Beyond the Surface. In: Artists with PhDs : on the new doctoral degree in studio art. Elkins, James, ed. New Academia Publishing, Washington, DC, USA, pp. 169-180.

Duggan, Jo-Anne (2008) Rinascimento through a contemporary lens. In: Australians in Italy : contemporary lives and impressions. Kent, Bill, Pesman, Ros and Troup, Cynthia, eds. Monash University ePress, Melbourne, Australia, 13.1-13.11.

Gandolfo, Enza (2011) It's all make believe: ethics, fiction and a writer's responsibilities. In: The Ethical Imaginations: Writing Worlds Papers: the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs. Conway-Herron, Janie, Costello, Moya and Hawryluk, Lynda, eds. Australasian Association of Writing Programs, Australia, pp. 1-8.


Trail, Margaret (2008) 1001 Nights Cast: A durational performance by Barbara Campbell (2005-2008). online.


Walton, Judith May and Danko, Aleks (2009) Getting the message through at all costs. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Walton, Judith May and Robinson, Phoebe (2009) Physical Spatial Practice (h) and (i). [Performance] (Unpublished)


Danko, Aleks and Walton, Judith May (2010) A list of positive things for later when things may not be so positive. [Show/Exhibition]

Walton, Judith May (2010) By Hand and Eye : dance in the space of the artist's book. [Show/Exhibition]


de Young, Robert (2010) Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon. [Video]