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Chandrapala, Janage, Ong, Lydia, Zisu, B, Gras, SL, Ashokkumar, M and Kentish, SE (2016) The effect of sonication and high pressure homogenisation on the properties of pure cream. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 33. 298 - 307. ISSN 1466-8564

Koh, LLA, Nguyen, HTH, Chandrapala, Janage, Zisu, B, Ashokkumar, M and Kentish, SE (2014) The use of ultrasonic feed pre-treatment to reduce membrane fouling in whey ultrafiltration. Journal of Membrane Science, 453. 230 - 239. ISSN 0376-7388

Chandrapala, Janage, Martin, GJO, Kentish, SE and Ashokkumar, M (2014) Dissolution and reconstitution of casein micelle containing dairy powders by high shear using ultrasonic and physical methods. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 21 (5). 1658 - 1665. ISSN 1350-4177

Chandrapala, Janage, Zisu, Bogdan, Palmer, M, Kentish, SE and Ashokkumar, M (2014) Sonication of milk protein solutions prior to spray drying and the subsequent effects on powders during storage. Journal of Food Engineering, 141. 122 - 127. ISSN 0260-8774

Chandrapala, Janage, Bui, D, Kentish, S and Ashokkumar, M (2014) Heat stability and acid gelation properties of calcium-enriched reconstituted skim milk affected by ultrasonication. Journal of Dairy Research, 81 (2). 238 - 244. ISSN 0022-0299

Koh, LLA, Chandrapala, Janage, Zisu, B, Martin, GJO, Kentish, SE and Ashokkumar, M (2013) A comparison of the effectiveness of sonication, high shear mixing and homogenisation on improving the heat stability of whey protein solutions. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7 (2). 556 - 566. ISSN 1935-5130

Book Section

Chandrapala, Janage (2016) Ultrasound Processing of Milk and Dairy Products. In: Handbook of Ultrasonics and Sonochemistry. Ashokkumar, M, ed. Springer, Singapore, pp. 1287-1320.