Lodder, Arno R

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Lodder, Arno R and Zeleznikow, John (2005) Developing an Online Dispute Resolution Environment: Dialogue Tools and Negotiation Systems in a Three Step Model. Harvard Negotiation Law Review, 10. pp. 287-338. ISSN 1556-0546


Lodder, Arno R and Zeleznikow, John (2010) Enhanced Dispute Resolution Through the Use of Information Technology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Book Section

Lodder, Arno R and Zeleznikow, John (2012) Artificial intelligence and online dispute resolution. In: Online Dispute Resolution : Theory and Practice : a Treatise on Technology and Dispute Resolution. Abdel Wahab, Mohamed S, Katsh, Ethan and Rainey, Daniel, eds. Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, The Netherlands, pp. 73-94.

Stranieri, Andrew and Zeleznikow, John (2006) Knowledge Discovery from Legal Databases: Using Neural Networks and Data Mining to Build Legal Decision Support Systems. In: Information Technology and Lawyers: Advanced Technology in the Legal Domain from Challenges to Daily Routine. Lodder, Arno R and Oskamp, Anja , eds. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 81-117.

Vries, Berend, Leenes, Ronald and Zeleznikow, John (2005) Fundamentals of Providing Negotiation Support Online: The Need for Developing BATNAs. In: Proceedings of the Second International Online Dispute Resolution Workshop. Lodder, Arno R and Zeleznikow, John, eds. Wolf Legal Publishers, Tilburg, pp. 59-67.

Bellucci, Emilia, Lodder, Arno R and Zeleznikow, John (2004) Integrating artificial intelligence, argumentation and game theory to develop an online dispute resolution environment. In: Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence. IEEE Computer Society, Washington DC, USA, pp. 749-754.