Myat, Darli Theint

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Zhu, Bo, Myat, Darli Theint, Shin, Jin-Wook, Na, Yong-Han, Moon, Il-Shik, Connor, Greg, Maeda, Shuichi, Morris, Gayle E, Gray, Stephen R and Duke, Mikel (2015) Application of robust MFI-type zeolite membrane for desalination of saline wastewater. Journal of Membrane Science, 475. pp. 167-174. ISSN 0376-7388 (print), 1873-3123 (online)

Yang, Xing, Fraser, Thomas, Myat, Darli Theint, Smart, Simon, Zhang, Jianhua, da Costa, João C. Diniz, Liubinas, Audra and Duke, Mikel (2014) A Pervaporation Study of Ammonia Solutions Using Molecular Sieve Silica Membranes. Membranes, 40 (1). pp. 40-54. ISSN 2077-0375

Myat, Darli Theint, Stewart, Matthew Blair, Mergen, Max, Zhao, Oliver, Orbell, John and Gray, Stephen R (2014) Experimental and computational investigations of the interactions between model organic compounds and subsequent membrane fouling. Water Research, 48. pp. 108-118. ISSN 0043-1354 (print), 1879-2448 (online)

Myat, Darli Theint, Mergen, Max, Zhao, Oliver, Stewart, Matthew Blair, Orbell, John, Merle, Tony, Croue, Jean-Philippe and Gray, Stephen R (2013) Effect of IX dosing on polypropylene and PVDF membrane fouling control. Water Research, 47 (11). pp. 3827-3834. ISSN 0043-1354 (print), 1879-2448 (online)

Myat, Darli Theint, Mergen, Max, Zhao, Oliver, Stewart, Matthew Blair, Orbell, John and Gray, Stephen R (2012) Characterisation of organic matter in IX and PACl treated wastewater in relation to the fouling of a hydrophobic polypropylene membrane. Water Research, 46 (16). pp. 5151-5164. ISSN 0043-1354 (print), 1879-2448 (online)

Book Section

Myat, Darli Theint, Gray, Stephen R, Orbell, John, Mergen, Max and Zhao, Oliver (2011) Alginate Fouling in Dead End Membrane Filtration Effect of pH. In: AWA Membranes and Desalination Specialty IV Conference. Australian Water Association.

Conference or Workshop Item

Myat, Darli Theint, Orbell, John, Mergen, Max, Zhao, Oliver, Kuiper, Mike and Gray, Stephen R (2010) Fouling Study of Alginate/Ca2+ and its Interaction with Membrane Surface by Molecular Modelling/Simulations. In: AMS6/IMSTEC10: the 6th Conference of the Aseanian Membrane Society / 7th International Membrane Science and Technology Conference, 22 November 2010, Sydney, Australia. (Unpublished)