Nguyen, Thinh B

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Hammill, Jacqueline ORCID: 0000-0002-3408-6127, Nguyen, Thinh B and Henderson, Fiona ORCID: 0000-0002-6352-1327 (2021) Encouraging the flip with a gamified process. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 2. ISSN 2666-3740

Nguyen, Thinh B (2010) Increasing Student Engagement and Attention through Pre-Reading. International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE-2010. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1562-3580

Nguyen, Thinh B, Vella, Vince, Baxter, Gregory W, Collins, Stephen F, Newman, Peter J and MacFarlane, Douglas R (2006) Confirmation of temperature independence in the fluorescence lifetime of the 3P0 → 3F2 transition in praseodymium-doped fluoride glass. Optics communications, 261 (1). pp. 149-151. ISSN 0030-4018

Nand, Anbhawa, Kitcher, Daniel J, Wade, Scott A, Nguyen, Thinh B, Baxter, Gregory W, Jones, Rhys and Collins, Stephen F (2006) Determination of the position of a localized heat source within a chirped fibre Bragg grating using a Fourier transform technique. Measurement Science and Technology, 17. pp. 1436-1445. ISSN 0957-0233

Nguyen, Thinh B, Trpkovski, Steven, Farrell, Peter M, Baxter, Gregory W and Collins, Stephen F (2000) Dependence of the fluorescence lifetime on dopant concentration and temperature in praseodymium-doped fluoride glass. Optics Communications, 186 (4-6). pp. 277-281. ISSN 0030-4018

Book Section

Sidiroglou, Fotios and Nguyen, Thinh B (2011) Synthesis of chitosan films on optical fibers for detection of ammonia vapors. In: Quantum electronics conference & lasers and electro-optics (CLEO/IQEC/PACIFIC RIM), 2011. IEEE, pp. 1742-1744.

Sidiroglou, Fotios, Blanc, Wilfried, Kilburn, Matt, Nguyen, Thinh B, Roberts, Ann, Dussardier, Bernard, Monnom, Gerard and Baxter, Gregory W (2010) Improving the radial dopant distribution in silica optical fibres. In: 35th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology : Melbourne VIC Australia, 5-9 December 2010. IEEE, Piscataway, N. J..

Chandran, Jaideep, Stojcevski, Alex, Zayegh, Aladin and Nguyen, Thinh B (2010) Implementation of a Colorimetric Algorithm for Portable Blood Gas Analysis. In: 2010 International Conference on Microelectronics ICM'10: 2010 International Conference on Microelectronics. IEEE, Piscataway, N.J., pp. 411-414.

Simpson, David Allan, Gibbs, Keith, Baxter, Gregory W, Collins, Stephen F, Nguyen, Thinh B, Blanc, Wilfried, Dussardier, Bernard and Monnom, Gerard (2007) Tm3+/Yb3+ Co-Doped Alumino-Silicate Fibre: Potential for S-band Optical Amplification. In: COIN-ACOFT 2007 Conference. IEEE, Oral paper no. TUB2-2.

Conference or Workshop Item

Gabb, Roger, Ozansoy, Cagil ORCID: 0000-0002-9375-9571, Nguyen, Thinh B, Paks, Mariuz, Shi, Hao and Thorn, Richard (2010) Designing for Diversity: a Common First Year in a PBL Program. In: Joint International IGIP-SEFI Annual Conference 2010, 19-22 September 2010, Trnava, Slovakia. (Unpublished)