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January 2011

Veale, Margaret, Healey, G and Sparrow, RL (2011) Effect of additive solutions on red blood cell (RBC) membrane properties of stored RBCs prepared from whole blood held for 24 hours at room temperature. Transfusion, 51. 25S - 33S. ISSN 0041-1132

August 2013

Ng, VM, Veale, Margaret, Healey, G and Sparrow, RL (2013) Alterations in red blood cell (RBC) band 3 and 4.1R proteins effect viability during storage. In: HSANZ /ANZSBT/ASTH with APSTH Annual Scientific annual scientific meeting, 28 October 2012-31 October 2012, Melbourne, Victoria.

March 2014

Sparrow, RL, Sran, A, Healey, G, Veale, Margaret and Norris, PJ (2014) In vitro measures of membrane changes reveal differences between red blood cells stored in saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol and AS-1 additive solutions: a paired study. Transfusion, 54 (3). 560 - 568. ISSN 0041-1132

April 2014

Veale, Margaret, Healey, G and Sparrow, RL (2014) Longer storage of red blood cells is associated with increased in vitro erythrophagocytosis. Vox Sanguinis, 106 (3). 219 - 226. ISSN 0042-9007

January 2015

Veale, Margaret, Healey, G, Sran, A, Payne, KA, Zia, M and Sparrow, RL (2015) AS-7 improved in vitro quality of red blood cells prepared from whole blood held overnight at room temperature. Transfusion, 55 (1). 108 - 114. ISSN 1537-2995