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Chan, E. C, Fraser, Sarah, Yin, S, Yeo, G, Kwiek, Kenneth, Fairclough, R. J and Smith, R (2002) Human myometrial genes are differentially expressed in labor: a suppression subtractive hybridization study. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism , 87 (6). pp. 2435-2441. ISSN 0021-972X (print) 1945-7197 (online)

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Leist, Michael, Casey, John and Caridi, Domenico (2003) The fixation and leaching of cement stabilized arsenic. Waste Management, 23 (4). pp. 353-359. ISSN 0956-053x

Ong, Lydia, Henriksson, A and Shah, Nagendra P (2007) Chemical analysis and sensory evaluation of Cheddar cheese produced with Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lb. casei, Lb. paracasei or Bifidobacterium sp. International Dairy Journal, 17 (8). pp. 937-945. ISSN 0958-6946

Sauvage, Laurant, Frank, Damian, Stearne, John and Millikan, Mary B (2002) Trace metal studies of selected white wines: an alternative approach. Analytica chimica acta, 458 (1). pp. 223-230. ISSN 0003-2670

Suppakul, Panuwat, Miltz, Joseph, Sonneveld, Kees and Bigger, Stephen W (2003) Antimicrobial properties of basil and its possible application in food packaging. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 51 (11). pp. 3197-3207. ISSN 1520-5118 Online 0021-8561 Print


Capela, Paul (2006) Use Of Cryoprotectants, Prebiotics And Microencapsulation of Bacterial Cells in Improving the Viability of Probiotic Organisms in Freeze-Dried Yoghurt. Research Master thesis, Victoria University.

Liong, Min Tze (2006) In-Vivo and In-Vitro Cholesterol Removal by Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

Ong, Lydia (2007) Influence of probiotic organisms on proteolytic pattern, release of bioactive compounds and sensory attributes of cheddar cheese. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

Stewart, Matthew Blair (2009) Computational and experimental investigations of biologically interesting molecules. PhD thesis, Victoria University.