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Strauss, Dagmar (1982) Letter from Dagmar Strauss to Gary Foley re media appearances. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Foley, Gary (1987) Letter from Gary Foley to John Laws re Aboriginal fashion designers. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Semmler, Clement and Murray-Smith, Stephen (1988) Letters between Clement Semmler and Stephen Murray-Smith re book reviews and article to be published. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Foley, Gary (1992) Letter from Gary Foley to Committee Member, National Committee of Reconciliation re Building Bridges TV Special. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


(1994) A time to dream : the CD-ROM. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

(1994) A time to dream II : proposal for script development funds for project. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

(1994) A time to dream II : synopsis for pilot episode. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

White, Leanne (1994) Commercial nationalism: images of Australia in television advertising. Research Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology.


Mason, Iain (1997) The audience at the 43rd Melbourne International Film Festival : a psychographic analysis. Research Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology.


Thomas, Amos Owen (1998) Transnational satellites in Asia & the globalisation of television. PhD thesis, Victoria University of Technology.


Foley, Gary (1999) Issues of history: cinematic and historical issues raised by Schindler's List and Shoah. In: The power of whiteness and other essays. Aboriginal studies occasional paper (1). Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, pp. 95-103. (Unpublished)

Foley, Gary (1999) Koori engagement with television. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Foley, Gary (1999) What are the limits, and the possibilities, for representing the Holocaust on film? In: The power of whiteness and other essays. Aboriginal studies occasional paper (1). Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, pp. 88-94.

Foley, Gary (1999) The textual and aesthetic characteristics that define television. In: The power of whiteness and other essays. Aboriginal studies occasional paper (1). Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, pp. 119-127.

Signorini, Annette (1999) All in it together. Other Degree thesis, Victoria University.

6 January 2001

Krisjansen, Ivan ORCID: 0000-0002-8515-3705 and Maddock, T (2001) Educating eros: Catherine Breillat’s romance as a cinematic solution to Sade’s metaphysical problem. Studies in French Cinema, 1 (3). 141 - 149. ISSN 1471-5880


Maddock, T and Krisjansen, Ivan ORCID: 0000-0002-8515-3705 (2003) Surrealist poetics and the cinema of evil: The significance of the expression of sovereignty in Catherine Breillat’s A ma soeur (2001). Studies in French Cinema, 3 (3). 161 - 171. ISSN 1471-5880


Hess, Rob (2005) Unpublished Theses. In: Reading the Game : An Annotated Guide to the Literature and Films of Australian Rules Football. Hogan, Tim, ed. ASSH studies in sports history (18). Australian Society for Sports History, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 223-235.


Andrew, Martin (2006) Speaking about film and learning about speaking: teaching speaking through film study. TESOLANZ Journal, 14. pp. 16-31. ISSN 1172-9694

Ivey, Gavin ORCID: 0000-0002-5537-3504 (2006) Sex in the mourning: Oedipal love and loss in The Door in the Floor (2004). The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 87 (3). pp. 871-879. ISSN 0020-7578

June 2007

Schutt, Stefan (2007) Spinning stories: the development of the Small Histories project as an online facilitator of multiple life stories. In: 6th Creative & Cognition Conference: seeding creativity: tools, media, and environments, June 13 - 15, 2007, Washington, DC, USA.


Davidson, Rjurik (2008) Alone in a crowd: Paranoid Park. Screen Education (50). pp. 18-23. ISSN 1449-857X

Landman, Jane (2008) National creativity and collaboration in co-produced TV drama. In: Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference, 2007: Communication, Civics, Industry, 05 July 2007-06 July 2007, Melbourne.

8 December 2008

Schutt, Stefan (2008) Staging life stories on the web: the Small Histories project and performances of reconstruction. In: Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (OZCHI'08) --- Designing for Habitat and Habitus, December 8th-12th 2008, Cairns, Australia.


Jung, Sun (2009) The Shared Imagination of Bishonen, Pan-East Asian Soft Masculinity: Reading DBSK, Youtube.com and Transcultural New Media Consumption. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific (20). ISSN 1440-9151

Landman, Jane (2009) Borders of the national family in King of the Coral Sea (1954). Studies in Australasian Cinema, 3 (1). ISSN 1750-3175

Landman, Jane (2009) "Not in Kansas anymore": transnational collaboration in television science fiction production. In: Production Studies: Cultural Studies of Media Industries. Mayer, Vicki, Banks, Miranda J and Caldwell, John T, eds. Routledge, New York, USA, pp. 140-153.

24 November 2009

Burns, Alex and Eltham, Ben (2009) Twitter Free Iran: an Evaluation of Twitter's Role in Public Diplomacy and Information Operations in Iran's 2009 Election Crisis. In: Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009, 19th-20th November 2009, University of Technology, Sydney.

Burns, Alex and Saunders, Barry (2009) Journalists as Investigators and 'Quality Media' Reputation. In: Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009, 19th-20th November 2009, University of Technology, Sydney.


Ben-Moshe, Danny (2010) The Nature and Extent of Israeli Films in Diaspora Jewish Film Festivals. In: 26th Association for Israel Studies (AIS) Annual Conference, 10-12 May 2010, University of Toronto.

Berger, Karen (2010) The White Darkness: Confluences in the Imaginative Explorations of Identity and 'the Other' in the work of Three Jewish Woman Artists in the Tropics - Maya Deren (1917 - 1961) in Haiti, Clarice Lispector (1920 - 1977) in Brazil, and Helene Cixous (1937-). etropic: electronic journal of studies in the tropics, 9. ISSN 1448-2940

de Young, Robert (2010) Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon. [Video]

de Young, Robert (2010) The Revolution will not be televised: The Poetry of Gil Scott Heron. [Audio]

14 September 2010

Burns, Alex and Eltham, Ben (2010) Boom and Bust in Australian Screen Policy: 10BA, the Film Finance Corporation, and Hollywood's 'Race to the Bottom'. Media International Australia, incorporating Culture and Policy, Film, (136). pp. 103-118. ISSN 1329-878X


Dwyer, Natasha (2011) Traces of digital trust : an interactive design perspective. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

Dwyer, Natasha, Clark, Tom, Cofta, Piotr and Randall, David (2011) Reading Trust and Distrust in Shared Documents: Film Professionals Review Film Reviews. In: TP-DIS 2011: Trust and Privacy in Distributed Information Sharing, June 28, 2011, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Submitted)

Harris, Anne (2011) Slowly By Slowly: Ethnocinema, Media and the Young Women of the Sudanese Diaspora. Visual Anthropology, 24 (4). pp. 329-344. ISSN 0894-9468

Harris, Anne (2011) Someone's Private Zoo: Ethnocinema and the Other. Qualitative Research Journal, 11 (1). pp. 62-79. ISSN 1443-9883 (print) 1448-0980 (online)

Spaaij, Ramon ORCID: 0000-0002-1260-3111 (2011) Mindless thugs running riot? Mainstream, alternative and online media representations of football crowd violence. Media International Australia, 140. pp. 126-136. ISSN 1329-878X

de Young, Robert (2011) Mad As Hell: Peter Finch. [Video]

1 January 2011

de Young, Robert (2011) Iggy Pop: Real Wild Child. [Video]

4 July 2011

Schutt, Stefan (2011) The Small Histories project: the internet, life stories and ‘performances of reconstruction’. PhD thesis, RMIT University.

December 2011

Harris, Anne (2011) Singing into Language: Sudanese Australian young women create public pedagogy. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32 (5). pp. 729-743. ISSN 0159-6306 (print) 1469-3739 (online)


Foley, Gary (2012) Richard Bell - Cosmic Avenger. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Harris, Anne and Nyuon, Nyadol (2012) "People Get Tired": African Australian Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Ethnocinema. In: Popularizing Research: Engaging New Genres, Media, and Audiences. Vannini, Phillip, ed. Peter Lang, New York.


Bilbrough, Paola (2013) Going with the Wind. [Video]

Bilbrough, Paola (2013) A View of the Boats. UNSPECIFIED.

Collins, F and Landman, Jane (2013) Decolonizing settler-colonial and Pacific screens. Studies in Australasian Cinema, 7 (2-3). 95 - 100. ISSN 1750-3175

Lees, Gavin and Wright, Malcolm (2013) Does the duplication of viewing law apply to radio listening? European Journal of Marketing, 47 (3/4). pp. 674-685. ISSN 0309-0566

Lucas, Rosemary ORCID: 0000-0003-2068-318X (2013) 'My Captain!': History and storytelling in Steven Spielberg's' Lincoln'. Screen Education (72). 102 - 109. ISSN 1449-857X

Schutt, Stefan (2013) Click Here for Family Stories: What Happens When Auto/Biographical Narratives Move Online. In: Testimony, Witness, Authority: The Politics and Poetics of Experience. Clark, T, Mokhtari, T and Henriss-Anderssen, S, eds. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 74-85.

13 May 2013

Foley, Gary (2013) A Time to Dream. Tracker : be informed, be involved, be inspired. ISSN 1838-8159

November 2013

Bilbrough, Paola (2013) Separation. UNSPECIFIED.


Bilbrough, Paola (2014) Opening Gates and Windows: the Ethics and Aesthetics of Making a Documentary Poem. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 3 (3). 298 - 313. ISSN 2333-9489

Pearlman, K, Banks, J, Cunningham, S, Peltz, Philipp, Golledge, A and Mees, C (2014) The games and the wider interactive entertainment industry in Australia : an inquiry into sources of innovation. Project Report. Australia Council for the Arts, Surry Hills, New South Wales.


Ashton, Paul ORCID: 0000-0003-1712-3675 and Clemens, J (2015) Absolutely Unsustainable Innovation. In: Independent Publishing Conference 2015, 19 November 2015-21 November 2015, Melbourne. (Submitted)

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) Givers, takers, framers : the ethics of auto/biographical documentary. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) Willing Exile. UNSPECIFIED.

Lucas, Rosemary ORCID: 0000-0003-2068-318X (2015) Jedda. Metro Magazine, 184. 102 - 111. ISSN 0312-2654

McLean, Richard William (2015) The universal embrace: considering phi, spirit & society. Research Master thesis, Victoria University.

27 February 2015

Krisjansen, Ivan ORCID: 0000-0002-8515-3705 and Papadopoullos, C (2015) Nietzsche's ausgang: Dissolution and identity in the cinema of Lars von Trier. Studies in European Cinema, 12 (1). 46 - 59. ISSN 1741-1548

June 2015

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) This is Me : Zuben Rustomjee. [Video]

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) This is Me: Agot Dell. [Video]

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) This is Me: Hayatullah Rahimi. UNSPECIFIED.

Bilbrough, Paola (2015) This is Me: Hayatullah Rahimi. [Video]

September 2015

Bilbrough, Paola and Raw Elements (2015) Being You. UNSPECIFIED.


Sargent-Wishart, Kimberley (2016) Making nothing out of something: emptiness, embodiment, and creative activity. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

1 April 2016

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 (2016) Invention to Institution - A Comparative Historical Analysis of Television across Three National Sites. PhD thesis, CQUniversity.

September 2016

Thompson, Jay (2016) Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sapphic: The Lesbian Vampire Film as Revenge Fantasy. Colloquy (31). 4 - 15. ISSN 1447-0950


McCormack, Cody (2017) Alfred Hitchcock & the undiscovered science of suspense. PhD thesis, Victoria University.


Scott-James, Kahra (2018) Post Film, Let’s Play: Sound, Design & the Digital Pipeline. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

Walsh, Melanie Jame (2018) SUPERTHERE: a cartography of queer(ing) failure and ghostly textures from a hauntology of long-distance romances of collaboration. PhD thesis, Victoria University.

31 October 2018

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 (2018) The prelude to television in Australia. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. ISSN 0143-9685

12 November 2018

Krisjansen, Ivan ORCID: 0000-0002-8515-3705 (2018) Loveless apathy: Sade’s erotica and parodic excess in Lars von Trier’s film Nymph()maniac 2014 (Directors Cut). Studies in European Cinema. ISSN 1741-1548

1 October 2019

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 (2019) What is television? (Re) Defining the medium. MediaArXiv. pp. 1-26.

25 August 2020

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 (2020) The Change in Young Australians' Television Viewing Behavior and What It Means for the Future of Local Content. In: The Handbook of Media Education Research. Poyntz, Stuart, Frau‐Meigs, Divina, Hoechsmann, Michael, Kotilainen, Sirkku and Pathak‐Shelat, Manisha, eds. Global Handbooks in Media and Communication Research . Wiley, Hoboken, pp. 75-83.

1 September 2020

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 and Mowle, Amy (2020) The social benefits of the exposure to diverse local content. Working Paper. Victoria University, Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable cities, Melbourne, Victoria.

30 September 2020

C-Scott, Marc ORCID: 0000-0003-0038-0501 and Mowle, Amy (2020) Accessible content for all: Accessibility in Australian Screen Media. Other. Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. (Unpublished)